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There is a site called “Illuminati Game Revealed,” which details secret messages and imagery some people feel they’ve discovered in the Illuminati: New World Order card game. It’s hosting extensive archives of the game art, noting, “These cards, most likely, were made by Steve Jackson and staff, who had an extensive knowledge of Freemasonry, the occult, blasphemies to The Lord Jesus Christ, and occultic practices and groups. We hope to expose and correct them (Ephesians 5:11), in light of The Word of God, The Holy Bible.”

Also, here’s a two-month-old thread from Reddit of people talking about the game and its card art.

People have called the game ahead of its time. The truth is it was only a product of its age.


3 thoughts on “Making Magic — sidebar

  1. Illuminati Gamerevealed says:

    Hi Derek – I am the web designer of “Illuminati Game Revealed” and with regard to your comment, I agree with you. The INWO game was actually first made in a Black and White Version made as early as 1982 – we have a copy. Also, the 1994 beginning of the INWO game that you are referring to is: The Deluxe Edition. And actually, we are right on biblically about the sinister evil nature of the INWO card game, the Illuminati Freemasons, and what The Word of God has to say about these topics.

  2. Thank you for your comment. You’re thinking of deluxe edition of the original Illuminati game, which you’re correct to say came out in 1982. The Deluxe Edition of Illuminati first came out in 1987, and it did not include the card art from INWO.

    There were two print runs of Illuminati: New World Order — three, if you count the Factory Set. The first run, in 1994, was referred to as the limited edition; the cards had gold-colored titles. The second run was the Factory Set, in early 1995, which had black card backgrounds. The third and final print run was the direct reprint and repackaging of the 1994 release, in August of 1995, with light blue card titles (for Plot cards) or light red card titles (for Group, Person, or Location cards).

    The reprint cards, from 1995, are the ones you feature most often and most prominently on your site, so that’s likely why you believe it came out in 1995.

  3. Thanks Derek – I appreciate your response and the fact that you colored many of the INWO cards yourself. I was wondering if I could ask you a few questions about the cards and the nature of the cards. – Thanks in advance – Please email me at: info@illuminatigamerevealed.com


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